Genre examples


NYT Review of Per Se || Dissolve Review of Amy || New Yorker Review of Dept. of Speculation

DO: Know your audience. Be detailed. Tell a story. Summarize when needed. Add spoiler alerts. Be vivid.

DON’T: Be totally one-sided in your review, even if you’re being very critical.


Amateur Gourmet recipe || Glenna Knits sweater advice || Gear Patrol on packing tobacco

Nicole Diecker on personal finance || Apartment Therapy on clutter || Kristin Wong on avoiding time sucks

DO: Make things feel low stakes. Be relatable. Sound like a mom. Have foresight. Be opinionated. Add research/history. Use photos. Use side notes and footnotes as anecdotes/additional information.


Dog Breeding || Ice skating || Rock climbing || Fly fishing

DO: Chronological timelines. Use a lot of anecdotal examples to illustrate lessons/main points. Stay focused.

DON’T: Assume things about your readers.


Omid Safi on busyness || Albert Burneko on Dove soap || Wagatwe Wanjuki on dating as a Black woman

DO: Reach out to your audience. Connect to your reader. Find universal themes. Be passionate. Use personal examples. Be relatable to a larger audience by finding common ground. Bold/italicize main points.

Penny for your thoughts.

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